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Reading Room #7 | Christian Frosi and Diego Perrone

April 7th, 2011 from 6.00pm to 9.00pm
Nomas Foundation, viale Somalia 33, Rome

Nomas Foundation’s Reading Room this year focuses its attention on initiatives established by artists for artists. The entire month of April is dedicated to projects initiated in Italy, that represent a practical answer to the working necessity of every artist: dialogue, research, documentation, distribution, residency projects, legal advice.
Reading Room voll.7-10 is a programme declined in four appointments, that each time take a different shape, depending on the diverse ways the single projects intend presenting themselves.

The artistic-curatorial collaboration between Christian Frosi and Diego Perrone began in 2009, and the year after they decided to focus it on three key words: Age, Education and Italy. In 2010 Frosi and Perrone undertook a journey throughout the Italian territory touching on 30 cities seeking out and meeting people and organizations that manage spaces and places in art and in contemporary culture. Of each place they kept what people recounted and what they saw in their inventions and ideas. This journey has been called Eroina, a name that also evokes the dark side of those who risk to abstract and lose the world through art and culture.
At Nomas Foundation the two artists will present a synthesis of what they realized, viewed and listened to during their collaboration. Through a series of objects and gestures, disposed in a row that creates a time line, Frosi and Perrone will develop a path throughout the spaces of the Foundation, made of narrative moments more or less connected, and more or less useful and relevant.