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Public Art

A comparison between models and national and international experiences of public art
Study Day curated by IMF Foundation
In collaboration with Nomas Foundation
With the support of MiBACT and PaBAAC - Direzione Generale per il paesaggio, le belle arti, l’architettura e l’arte contemporanee

Saturday, November 16th, 2013, from 11.30am to 6.30pm
MACRO - Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma, Cinema, Via Nizza 138, Rome
Free entrance

This study day has been organized to share different ideas and experiences focused on some of the main questions to whom public art is trying to answer in these last years: which is the role and the function of art and which is the artists’ role? Which is the responsibility of the cultural mediator? In which way work of arts act on the territory and on social fabric? Who is involved? When and how public administration acts?
Starting from the idea that urban landscape could not be used exclusively as a background or stage in which to place a work of art and that the artistic creation could not be considered only as an environmental garnish, the meeting will point out all the different ways in which art interacts with public space.
The study day will consider a selection of project that stress the different working attitudes of artists and cultural mediators in relation with the urban space, letting emerge the central relation between patrons and institutions, and the necessity to listen the territory – dialoguing with the inhabitants, confronting with their problems and desires – and to transform it consequently.
Case studies considered demonstrate the will to active alternative behaviours and new forms of exchange, connecting different communities and places. Starting from this “new genre” of public art, the study day would re-think about the image and function of culture - intended as a form of sharing, valorization of the territory and belonging to a community – stressing as decisive point the idea of a new public commission. This kind of open practice expects different actors, between them the artist, that has the role to operate in connection with other experts - beyond every mediation - for a work between creative process and laboratory.

Davide Ponzini, Researcher in City Planning, DAStU, Politecnico di Milano

Round tables
12.30am - 2.00pm
Public Art and process of transformation of the territory
Moderator: Martina Angelotti, art critic and curator
Marcello Maloberti, artist
Fabiola Naldi, Curator of Biennale del muro dipinto, Dozza
Silvano Manganaro, Curator of the section of Arte Parco Nomade, Fondazione VOLUME!
Raffaella Spagna, Artist, Diogene association
Roberta Tenconi, Assistant curator Fondazione Nicola Trussardi

3.00pm - 4.30pm
Public art and social changement
Moderator: Elisa Del Prete, Director of Nosadella.due, independent residency for the public art
Beatrice Catanzaro, Artist
Patrizia Ferri, Co-director of CE.D.R.A.P. (Centro Documentazione e Ricerca sull’Arte Pubblica)
Silvia Litardi, Curator of Space Metropoliz
Paolo Naldini, Artistic Director of CittĂ  dell'Arte - Fondazione Pistoletto
Laura Riva, Projects coordinator and responsible of Centro di Documentazione Arti Visive, Connecting Cultures
Andrea Zegna, Responsibile and curator of the project ALL’APERTO/Fondazione Zegna

4.45pm - 6.30pm
Art and public administrations
Moderator: Alessandra Pioselli, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts, G. Carrara
Anna Scalfi Eghenter, Artist
Achille Bonito Oliva, Artistic advisor for Le Stazioni dell'Arte - Metropolitana di Napoli
Paola Clerico, Curator of the project Un PO d’arte, Torino - Art at Work
Francesco De Biase, Managing of Servizio Arti Contemporanee Progetto Arte Pubblica, Turin
Anna Maria Montaldo, Director of Musei civici di Cagliari, “Mondi Possibili - reinventing the city”
Enrica Puggioni, Town Councillor for culture - Comune di Cagliari