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Beverly Barkat. Biosphere

19 June 2020

Biosphere marks an urgent response by addressing the global issue of plastic pollution, urging us to rethink the ways in our interconnected viral age.

Nomas Foundation, the Unit of Research  Aesthetics in the social (DiSSE) Sapienza University of Rome, and  Beverly Barkat have envisioned the  Biosphere project as an in-progress platform for developing a potential dialogue and institutional, scientific, academic, aesthetic partnerships. The artist's posthuman appeal has already been welcomed by the NGO Ocean Conservancy (USA) and by a non-profit Tools for Culture (Italy). Such a platform is planning an interdisciplinary Symposium that will bring together thought leaders, specialists, scholars, scientists, and industry leaders in search of a more interactive answer for an environmentally sustainable life.  Art in its role as an advocator, as vital means of raising awareness, is all the more crucial in times of crisis such as this.