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Daniel Buren. Untitled (Homage to Roma) | Press conference

9 November 2018

Rendering by studio DIM associati, Florence Rendering by studio DIM associati, Florence Rendering by studio DIM associati, Florence

Thanks to Untitled (Homage to Rome) by Daniel Buren, Rome – icon of ancient and monumental urban space – questions the aesthetic sense of the public space, as a contemporary social space.
Art and life correspond and the artist’s gesture resonates as a collective action that let the Ancient Rome flourishes again, pushed by a renewed social aesthetic.
Image, language, collective consciousness… the work starts living when it catches the pedestrians sight, transforming the blind facade of a building in a collective experience of subjectivities and values sharing.
The dialogue with the city, started by the exhibition Par tibi, Roma, nihil (2016), with “La scacchiera arcobaleno ondeggiante” on the Domus Severiana in Roman Forum continues toward the core of Baroque in Rome. Daniel Buren choses this area rooted in art as a cultural space of public identity, reconnecting with the historical narration and, through his vocabulary, stressing the role of work of art as a resource for participation and socialization.
A new epistemic paradigm creates a new urban landscape punctuated by social dynamics that interact with squares, streets, monumental fountains, palaces that reshape themselves according to a perspective of aesthetic solidarity.
The site-specific – promoting a desacralized and interactive relationship between community and work of art – offers itself as a political action that, as the Aristotelian praxis, transforms the public space in common good, capable to infuse vitality and reinforcing ethical principles.
This wide view, horizontal, shared, punctuated by a daily look of public re-imagination, moves energies that foster a non-individualistic tension of social bonds. Art and homo eroticus mingle themselves sensually within a creative practice of living together. This aestheticism of daily life completes the intellect, giving it a corporeal common sensibility.
Thus, the eternal city expands into its present: co-participation, sociality, collective emancipation give a new life to urban space, an invitation to feel to be part of the creative process to build a new social imaginary.