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Quale educazione per Marte? (What Education for Mars?)

Quale educazione per Marte, flyer, 2010 Valerio Rocco Orlando, Quale educazione per Marte, 2011 Valerio Rocco Orlando, Quale educazione per Marte, 2011 Valerio Rocco Orlando, Quale educazione per Marte, 2011

A project by Esterno22 and Valerio Rocco Orlando
in collaboration with Nomas Foundation Lab

December 13th, 2010 - February 24th, 2011

It strikes me that in our society art is related to objects and not to people or life.
But how could it be living our life as an art piece?
(Michel Foucault)
Quale educazione per Marte?, quoting Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s exhibition Quelle architecture pour Mars? (2001), is an attempt of experimenting an alternative model of knowledge’s transmission and relationships in school through a workshop conducted by Valerio Rocco Orlando, in collaboration with some high school classes in the city of Rome. As the philosopher Bruno Latour, in his book La vie de laboratoire (1979), analyzes scientific discoveries through the study of the relationships between the scientists and their families, Quale educazione per Marte? will research on the school-system through the relations between students themselves.
During this wokshop, starting on December 13th 2010 and lasting until February 24th 2011, the students together with the artist will discuss on the mechanisms that inform relationships in the school environment. In this way they will also collect stories about the place where they spend most of their everyday life.
The aim of the project is to show different points of views through a series of individual interviews, reflecting the multiplicity of relationships among students, teachers and families.
The transcription of the conversations will constitute the starting point for the editing of the video.
The workshop will end with a performance: coloured flyers with some extracts from conversations with students will be spread out in different high schools located all over the city.
The final results of the workshop will be presented at Nomas Foundation in Rome.

Valerio Rocco Orlando (Milan, 1978) explores through sound and video installations the relational dynamics of contemporary society. He’s graduated in Dramaturgy at Catholic University in Milan and he took a master in Film Direction at Queen Mary University of London. In 2009, he won the ISCP New York Prize, promoted by Parc/Seat/Gai, and in 2011 a Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship for Visual Arts.