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Beverly Barkat. The Biosphere Project | Digital platform

28 September 2021

curated by Raffaella Frascarelli

The platform dedicated to Biosphere is a space born from the aesthetic research of Beverly Barkat to encourage action, thinking, and socio-cultural interconnection aimed to explore the urgent issue involving the planetary pollution of entire living ecosystems caused by plastic.

Biosphere is an art project and a process connecting communities from all over the world who have been invited since 2019 to collect plastic waste that the artist has been converting into a living sculpture imagined as the echo of our society impasse.

In summer 2021, while climatologists are warning about the tragic consequences triggered by the highest temperatures ever recorded, global warming affecting the planet appears to be one of the numerous anomalies structurally related to an out-of-control industrialization.

In a post-human perspective, before the devastating effects of such a neoliberalist industrialization, a community aware of the Anthropocene calls for a new global pact able to stop those poisoning economic activities polluting seas, oceans, rivers, water-bearing strata, lands, atmosphere, forests, animals, plants and any other living form.

As a universe that allows reciprocal material intra-actions, the biosphere emerges as a political subject within contemporary society.

Considering human thought as a self-transformative, mobile, empathic, and open process, a historic transition can contribute to the rebirth of the biosphere as a non-human subject entangled with human thought. According to an inclusive space-time dimension, human thought is born and exists in relation to the non-human subjects: traces of this profound bond can be detected in archaeological stratification, material production, oral tradition, and written texts of any culture and time.

Issues about the nature of our relationship with the Biosphere have crossed the imaginaries of prehistoric cultures, ethical doctrines, philosophical speculation, late antiquity and Middle Ages debates, modern rationality. Today an original interpretation of such a relationship as an agential realism’s diffraction is suggesting the global community several chances for undertaking new paths to which everyone can attribute meanings at the same time differentiated and universal. Regenerating modernity from its roots, nourishing the rhizomatic relationship with the past, designing a different vision of the future, operating a post-human condition, exploring, and creating an epochal change are some of these chances.

Aware of the political, social, cultural, juridical, economic influence of our choices about the present and future impact of Anthropocene on terrestrial life, the platform of Biosphere intends to nourish and strengthen individual and collective actions providing public empowerment, contributing to a much-required epochal change in support of the life of all living species.

Academic partners of the project: Lia Fassari, Director of Aesthetics in the Social Research Unit, DiSSE, Sapienza University of Rome; Michele Trimarchi, Tools for Culture; Maria Marsella, Survey Lab
Partners of the project: Sapienza University of Rome, Tools for Culture